The vesy best halloween dog costumes

October 31st is just around the corner! Yes, Halloween is on its way. That means delicious food, trick or treating, and dressing up in fabulous costumes. Now your dog can join in on all the fun in its very own dog costume. We have loads of amazing dog costumes to choose from here at Pet Fabulous so you can make sure your dog is celebrating Halloween in style!

What to look for when deciding on dog costumes for Halloween

The wow factor

Pirate costume for dogs

Pirate costume for dogs

Turn your dog into a fully fledged pirate with this great dog costume. Your dog wears it in such a way that their front legs look like a pirate’s legs and the pirate’s arms stick out at the sides, which let’s be honest, is pretty awesome!

It also comes with props. How could a pirate be a real pirate without a matching hat, cape, and built-in foam sword?

What’s more, you can really go all out with this theme and style a wagon into a pirate boat for your dog to sit in.


Minions costume for dogs

Minions costume for dogs

Sometimes you just have to go all out on a costume that just brings the humour. And what’s funnier than seeing a dog dressed up as a minion waddling down the street?

Just like the pirate costume, your dog wears this on their front 2 legs with the minion’s arms sticking out at the sides. The costume also comes with a built-in hood to complete your dog’s Despicable Me look.

As a bonus, this dog costume covers their back so they can keep warm on a cool Halloween night.


reindeer costume for dogs

Reindeer dog costume

Double down on the holidays by investing in one of our dog costumes that can be worn for both Halloween and Christmas.

This Reindeer dog costume is ideal. It’s made out of fleece material and has a built-in hood with antlers so not only will your dog be feeling nice and snug in the colder months, but it will also look like Rudolph’s come to town early!

This is a great little outfit that can be worn again and again, not just for celebrations but also just to laze around the house or wear on walks outside.

Popular culture reference

Pikachu pokemon dog costume

Pikachu Pokemon dog costume

We all know everyone will be dressing up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad this Halloween. Why not pick a popular culture reference that’s just as distinctive, but also dog-friendly?

With the Pokemon Go phenomenon that’s been sweeping across the world, your dog will look right in place with this Pikachu costume.

This costume is a full-body outfit with Pikachu markings and ears featuring on the built-in hood. What more could your dog need?

Couple’s outfit

Dinosaur costume for dogs - green with green spikes

Dinosaur dog costume

This adorable dinosaur costume is great for when you and your dog are BFFs and you want the world to know how great you are as a duo.

It comes in 2 different colour combinations so you have a choice how you wish to combine your dog’s costume with your own dinosaur outfit.

The only downside? Your dog will definitely get all the attention in this little beauty.


Can’t find the outfit you’re looking for? Check out all of our dog costumes for more choices.