As a dog fashion brand, one of the most common questions we get asked is “Does my dog really need to wear dog clothes?”. This is not only asked by people who don’t have any doggy companions but also those who think the idea of dressing up their pooch is unnecessary.

Dogs have survived for hundreds of years without the latest in doggy fashion so it’s not uncommon to assume that dogs simply don’t need the extra layers. So we’re here to discover why dogs really do need to wear clothes and why canine clothing is more than just making your dog look fashionable.

4 practical reasons why small dogs really should be wearing dog clothes

1. To keep warm

luxury faux fur dog coat

Luxury faux fur dog coat

Regardless of a dog’s hair length or size they still get cold in winter. Some dogs have lighter layers of fur than others and some are just not genetically able to live comfortably in colder climates. It’s therefore not unusual to see dogs shivering and trying to bury themselves under blankets or want cuddles to keep warm.

Chihuahuas, for example, are one dog breed that tends to get cold easily. Those of you with these little furbabies are probably used to seeing your pooch sunbathing or burrowing under duvets even on seemingly warm days.

Older dogs with weaker immune systems can also really benefit from the extra warmth that a dog jumper can give them. This is also the case for dogs who are sick so their body can focus on getting better without using energy on staying warm.

So it’s especially important to make sure that dogs are appropriately dressed to make sure that they aren’t cold. You might consider a nice dog jumper to keep your dog warm in the house and a dog coat to keep them warm outside.

2. To prevent sunburn

heart jumper for dogs

Pink and white heart jumper

Believe it or not, dogs can experience sunburn just like we can. Dogs that are most likely to get sunburnt are white dogs, hairless dogs, and dogs with light colored hair. So they really need the protection that dog clothes can provide.

Dogs can also suffer from skin cancer. With so much skin on show, hairless dogs or those with short hair can be more susceptible to this disease.

It’s therefore very important to not only put sunscreen on your dog in the warmer months, but also to put on a dog t-shirt or light jumper to protect them from the sun’s strong rays.

3. To keep comfortable in the rain

Faux fur hooded parka jacket for dogs

Faux fur hooded parka jacket

Most dogs to some extent aren’t too keen on going outside in the rain, particularly if it’s a torrential downpour. Some are hesitant to even step outside to do their business if it’s raining.

A small dog can really appreciate a dog coat or jacket to help protect their fur from getting wet, keep them warm whilst walking in the rain, and improve their overall happiness.

Some dog breeds, such as poodles, have hair that’s more likely to get matted when wet. So dog coats can help to keep your dog’s hair matt-free. They can also help your dog quickly transition from outside to inside as less drying time is required.

4. To help with seasonal allergies

Pirate striped vest top with scarf

Pirate striped vest t-shirt with scarf

Dogs can often be prone to seasonal allergies which can cause sore hot spots on their body from scratching and chewing. Skin irritation can reduce your dog’s general well-being, whilst their temporary hair loss can lead them open to sunburn or feeling colder than usual.

A loose dog t-shirt can give your dog the protection they need until their hair grows back.